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"Multiplayer" Conway's Game of Life (2017)

Conway's game of life implemented with

Written using Node JS, express, and Angular

Fruit quality inspection (2017)

Web application for fruit importers. Features:

  • Import packing list from Excel
  • Create templates with customizable tolerance
  • Inspect quality and condition
  • Automatic score
  • Exporters can login and check their inspections

Being used by Forever Fresh LLC in USA, receiving fruit from Verfrut and San Francisco Lo Garcés

CompuAgro utilitary (2017)

A desktop app that connects to CompuAgro's database (SQL Server) and lets you:

  • Export receptions to Excel
  • Export shippings to Excel
  • Export dispatches to Excel
  • Print zebra labels

ZPL Preview and Printer (2017)

A desktop app for previewing and printing ZPL files through a Zebra. Made with .NET C#

Chilean's SAG Excluded Growers (2017)

A simple interface that connects to chilean's SAG, grabs the list of excluded growers and presents it in a nice grid.

Pivot data with aggregation (C#) (2016)

Pivot data with aggregation and output to HTML.

Tim’s Vermeer Android App (2016)

In the movie “Tim’s Vermeer” (2013), Tim Jenison presents a mirror device with which you can “trace colors”

This Android app tries to simulate this “color tracing” concept.

When the edge that separates the camera from the photo disappears means you have succesfully matched the color

Software for fresh fruit exporters (2016)

A web application for fresh fruit exporters.

Features: Fruit reception, packing processes, pallets, dispatches, bills, settlements, etc.

Check the whole list of features, screenshots and demo videos here:

Twitter soft unfollow (Chrome Extension) (2015)

Say you want to stop seeing someone’s tweets, but you don’t want to unfollow him (because he might get offended). This extension lets you unfollow in a “soft” manner, without really unfollowing.

Update: well, it seems that this is the same as the “mute” feature. The code is still fun though…

YouTube XML Annotations to SRT (2015)

A simple tool for converting YouTube XML annotations to SRT format.

Written with JavaScript (FileReader, Angular and jQuery)

Synced YouTube Player (2015)

Watch a youtube video with your friends at the same time.

Written using Node JS, express, and Angular

Collaborative drawing (2015)

Draw at the same time with your friends.

Written using Node JS, express, and Angular

Software for walnuts exporters (2015)

A web application for walnuts exporters, being used by one of the largest walnut exports in Chile, Growex.

Features: Receptions, packing processes, pallets, dispatches, bills, settlements, etc.

Check the whole list of features, screenshots and demo videos here:

Chile: DTE to XML (2015)

In Chile is now mandatory to create electronic bills and other tributary documents, using XML and the schema defined by However, it is useful to be able to easily read these documents in a well known format: PDF.

This is a simple converter, from XML to PDF:

This project is in spanish, for obvious reasons.

IMDB Friends (Chrome Extension) (2015)

A Chrome extension for that simply adds an anchor to the friends page. (Why? because the real anchor is very difficult to find)

Update (February 20, 2017): IMDB has removed the “friends” feature (along with their message boards), so this extension is now useless. I suggest Chrome bookmarks if you want an easy access to your friend’s ratings

Plinto (2014)

Plinto lets you find all the art galleries and exhibitions in you city.

Update (December, 2015): We decided to shut down Plinto because we couldn't get any funding

Shitday for Android (2014)

Track how shitty is your life by answering every night: “Was this a shit day?”, with one of two possible answers: “Shit day” or “Not shit day”.

Game of Life (Java AWT) (2011)

This is a simple Java demonstration of John Horton Conway’s Game of Life I wrote some years ago (2011). Its a simulation of cells being born and dying, following some rules.

Bug-2 Algorithm implementation (2010)

Bug-2 solves the problem of reaching a goal without knowing the entire map, but only the adjacent positions.

Go in straight line to the goal’s direction. If you can’t continue because of an obstacle, start surrounding the obstacle until you intersect the original straight line, then continue in the goal’s direction. It is a “complete algorithm” because it always finds the goal.

Four J2me projects in four weeks (2010)

In 2010, together with Matías Bennett, we wrote four J2ME projects in four weeks.

Email client (2009)

An email client (like Outlook) that supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP.
Includes features like managing contacts, labels, searching, blacklist, multiple accounts, etc.

Writen in C#

Vessels and receivers (2005)

A web application I wrote back in 2005, for a fruit exporter in Chile (Bendavid, later Scramble) that allowed receivers to login and look at their pallets and vessels.

Writen with ASP 3.0 and SQL queries to a DBF database

Lan-Z clan hosting (2004)

A web application for gaming teams to share their news, matches, etc.
It was bought by Lan-Z (today Zmart), and offered as a feature for gaming teams.

Writen with ASP 3.0

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